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cooking class


cooking class

Meet me in my house in central Bergamo or I join you  at your holiday rental (only if the arrangement of this event is allowed).

Over a drink and snack, we first chat about the daily menu and get to know each other.

You are then going to prepare some recipes from different Italian regions.

We'll prepare, as typical Italian dish using the freshest seasonal ingredients possible, and then basic cooking techniques to simply enhance the natural flavour of the food: a  fresh hand-made pasta such as tagliatelle, lasagna, gnocchi, and different sauces which are easy to do again at home (bolognese, pesto, fish sauce).

For the main, we'll prepare meat or fish from another Italian region, yeast products (pizza, panzerotti, gnocco fritto) and for dessert we'll prepare Sicilian cannoli, tiramisu, panna cotta or profitterols.

After 2-3 hours of team work, we can enjoy our masterpieces at dinner accompanied with good Italian wine or beer.

During the dinner, I will tell you more about the origin and history of the different dishes and explain the wine choice for dinner.

We finish the dinner or lunch with a good Italian liquor (grappa, limoncello, liquirizia, amaro,...) and an espresso coffee.

I will guide you through the preparation of simple but delicious Italian recipes and will reveal my culinary secrets.

You will receive a cookbook including recipes of all the dishes made during your stay and a certificate to remember this special day.

I generally propose dishes that can easily be made at home, using ingredients that you can usually find in most general or specialty stores.

I speak English and little of French,  but my wife speaks very good French.

I come with everything you need wherever you are.

Once you select menu, it automatically forward email and then you proceed to make a reservation in order to know the availability for your preferred date.


Here below, you find the following reservation options:

cooking class
cooking class
Eat like local not like a tourist
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