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cooking class


cooking class

Paraphrasing Charlie Chaplin who said:

“All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl”

…. I would say ….

"All I need to be creative is a basil leaf, a red chili pepper and a tomato!"

My name is Michele Ripepi, married with Wanda. 

We have two beautiful daughters: Giorgia and Erika.

I was Born in Reggio Calabria (South of Italy) on September, 1963.

After graduation, I started to work in an international company, where I'm in charge of  markets evaluation and business development.

The work makes me travel a lot in Italy and abroad, allowing me to discover many gastronomic traditions all over the world, but above all to be able to assert, with absolute certainty, that Italy has a unique culinary tradition in the world characterized by a great variety Regional recipes, wines and typical products .

Hence the passion for cooking. The experience in well eating  during  my travels takes me to repeat the same dishes in order to share them with my family or friends once at home.

l often love to be captivate by new combinations or new interpretations of the same. I offen love to redesigne them combining two or more typical ingredients belonging to the  different Italian regions.

The main feature of my recipes is simplicity and inside of them there is also a bit of me, 


"what we cook is also a bit of what we are".

It is not difficult in my dishes regain a creative element represented by a typical ingredient belonging to the Calabrian cuisine, one of the most essential Italian regional cuisines, simple and poor but at the same time with strong flavors and rich aromas (red pepper, nduja, Tropea’s onion, sun-dried tomatoes, ...).

cooking class

Let me introduce my family

cooking class
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