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Limoncello is a very popular Italian after-dinner spirit made with lemon peels.

There are a lot of recipes out there for making homemade limoncello.

The big differences really come from the quality of lemons that you have.

This is the reason why you have to taste home-made Michele’s Limoncello.

You will taste the freshness of Calabrian lemons.


The Limoncello Babà is a sweet with a delicate aroma and an unmistakable flavor, obtained from the combination of two flavors: the Babà, an icon of the Neapolitan pastry, and Michele’s home made limoncello .


This 100% pure liquorice extract liqueur is a compelling tasting experience.

Obtained from the wise and ancient art infusion of liquorice root mixed with flavored spirit , is an excellent digestive , and is an excellent thirst quencher when diluted with water .

If you try it you will love it !!!

sun tomatoes.png

Sun dried tomatoes have a unique sweet taste and can last far longer than fresh tomatoes.

They can just add that special “woow” to any dish — pasta, eggs, green salads, meat…

I propose sun dried tomatoes and almons minced together in extra olive oil.


A delicious condiment made up of sea salt, rosmary, garlic, sage, time and pepper.

For an Italian seasoning with a rich flavour however low in sodium. Ideal for barbecues, you can use it anywhere !

Salt is a natural preserver, it will last for a long time and is wide open to your imagination.

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